Traveling and Experiencing the World makes me a better person

Traveling and Experiencing the World makes me a better person

I'm going off on another big trip. Kenya!

It's definitely outside of my comfort zone. There are big animals. There are completely different cultures. There are different microbial bugs. :-) That's what growing as a person is all about. Going places you've never been. Trying things you've never done. Experiencing other cultures.

Do you trust yourself?

Do you trust yourself?

At the beginning of the year, we set our resolutions and then a few weeks later we've probably already broken them.

Are you telling yourself that you will go to the gym today? Will you go for a walk? Will you focus on your diet and not eat that extra cookie? Will you stretch or meditate or read a book a week?

Every time you say you will do something and then don’t you are breaking trust in yourself.

The Unexpected and How to Handle It

The Unexpected and How to Handle It

Sometimes the unexpected happens. A family member gets sick, a snowplow runs into your garage door, you get a flat tire; these are all things that you have absolutely no control over. We tend to worry about them and think of all the things in our lives that they disrupt. And it may be that some things are disrupted.

But, you had no control over these things

Give yourself a break

Give yourself a break

What the heck? Yes, YOU need to give yourself a break and pat yourself on the back.

It took me a very long time to learn this lesson. I would hear that sentiment from so many people; bosses, family, and friends. “You’re too hard on yourself”, “give yourself a break”.

I thought I had to fix everything. I don’t.

There is only so much within my control. And that is what I can fix. That is what I can affect. My own health is more important than staying late at work because I thought I should.

My own habits,

What's next?

It’s the end of December 2017. This is the time of year for recaps on the past year and setting goals for the year ahead. I had a pretty momentous and eventful 2017. Quit my job, traveled extensively, lost my dog and companion of 13 years and spent a lot of time with my family.

It all happened and I’m happier than when I was at the 9-5. I used my savings well and bought experiences and I will continue to do that in 2018 because now I’m addicted to going places and seeing the beauty in the world. I’ve read a lot of stuff and talked to a bunch of people.

But now what? Here’s where the rubber hits the road. Where there needs to be action to continue moving forward. To actually support the amazing lifestyle I want to live.

And that’s what I’ll be writing about here in the coming months; where I came from and where I'm going and how I get there.

Stay tuned.

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Growing the Seeds

In my last post, The Seeds of Change, I talked about how I thought of making a big change, quit my job, do the things I had been dreaming about. It took 4 years to make it happen. 

In those 4 years a lot of stuff happened. Many things changed in my job that caused stress and anxiety. So much so that I had to take a 2 and half month break from work. When you are in the middle of an extreme amount of stress and anxiety, you cannot see the way to get out of it. This break allowed my brain to relax enough that I could see the other side.

And on that other side, I was able to say yes to things that I thought I couldn't before. 

I realized that I matter and I am the one who controls my own happiness. I am in control of my mind and what I put into it. If I continually think negative thoughts, then that is what my mind gives back to me. If I change those thoughts, then my mind has a whole new perspective and I can find joy in the little things, but also say yes to the big things, like taking a 3 week vacation to New Zealand. 

Give your brain a break from its current thoughts. Make one small change that can lead to bigger things.

Stay Tuned for more.


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Trees keep growing...

Trees keep growing...

The Seeds of Change

Could it happen? Could I give up all sense of security, quit my job, work for myself - writing, consulting, talking to people?

The fear is huge, but the decimation of my own psyche is probably a more serious consequence.

’You’d be crazy to give up your job, the benefits are so good’

But, do benefits feed your sould? NO! Do I have enough faith in myself to believe that if I can’t make a go of it on my own, I can go back to a “real” job with an actual employer? Will I be haunted by a gap in my employment history?

I wrote that in my journal back in 2013. 4 years later I made it happen. The big question is, why did I wait so long? 

Oftentimes, we know when something needs to change, but we deny it because of external factors - money, insurance, security. Our minds like to protect us from perceived threats, like loss of income and security (most of us don't have to deal with animal predators anymore). But our minds also like to grow and develop, so I planted that seed in my mind 4 years ago and my brain was working on making it happen. 

What seeds are you planting in your brain? What dreams do you want to experience? Lay the foundation, then make it happen! You can do it!

I'll be sharing more about how I made this happen for me.